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Island Flyers RC Field Regulations

The following rules are for the safety of all members and guests. All flying must be done in accordance to the Field Regulations and it is the responsibility of all club members to see that these rules are enforced.

  • Current Academy of Model Aeronautics Membership (AMA) is required for flying.
  • Operation of Model aircraft is restricted to members in good standing and invited guests.
  • Guest may fly up to 3 separate sessions or more by board exception approval, but must have a current AMA card and a club member must be present.
  • Spectators are welcomed and must remain in designated area behind pits.
  • You are responsible for any actions by yourself, your guest and your children.
  • Pit area is restricted to pilots, owners, and/or crew members.
  • There shall be no uncontrolled taxiing of airplanes through the pit area.
  • There shall be no flying over the pit, parking, and/or pilot area. No flying permitted behind the imaginary line running along the near edge of the runway.
  • Flying permitted within a 1000 foot radius from the runway (front and sides not behind runway).
  • Cars should be parked in the designated area only behind the pits.
  • Mufflers are required on all aircraft engines on .10 CID and above. Mufflers must be an expansion chamber type. No straight pipes or flow-through types permitted.
  • Pilots must stand in the designated pilot flight areas.
  • Pilots who are landing or taking off have priority over others flying. A pilot should announce to other pilots when taking off or landing.
  • No transmitter to be turned on for range check, equipment check, or flying without the proper pin attached.
  • A buddy box system is the preferred training approach.
  • A designated instructor must clear students for solo flight.
  • No flying of an aircraft in an unsafe or dangerous condition or with a questionable radio system. All aircraft are subject to inspection.
  • Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden at the field.
  • No Fire Arms allowed.
  • No Pets allowed.
  • Anyone flying in an unsafe manner shall be subject to grounding or expulsion.
  • Helicopters takeoff, landing and hovering must be conducted from designated areas only.
  • Flying must be in accordance to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) national model aircraft Safety Code.